Ed Ruscha, Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, Lawrence Weiner


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery | 30 Jun 2012 to 23 Sep 2012


Queens Road
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm


This exhibition at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery brought together works by four important post-war American artists who share a strong interest in the limits and capacities of language: Bruce Nauman, Jenny Holzer, Ed Ruscha and Lawrence Weiner.

Nauman employs puns and repetitions to reveal the gaps between speech and subjectivity; Holzer focuses closely on the language of officialdom; Ruscha makes typographical monuments in iconic American land- and cityscapes fusing pop iconography with a playful sense of irony; Weiner creates a sense of sculptural space with pared-down exhortations in text.

This exhibition presented iconic works of language-based art from the past fifty years in a manner that underlines one of ARTIST ROOMS' original aims, to communicate with audiences in meaningful and direct ways using contemporary media and materials outside of the traditional gallery system.

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