Vija Celmins


National Centre for Craft & Design | 4 Apr 2015 to 28 Jun 2015


Navigation Wharf
Carre St.
NG34 7TW
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Daily 10am - 5pm


The National Centre for Craft & Design are excited to be bringing the work of acclaimed American artist Vija Celmins to the county of Lincolnshire in this ARTIST ROOMS exhibition.

Born in Latvia in 1938, Vija Celmins is best known for her intricate, monochromatic images drawn from photographs that encourage us to consider the complexity and beauty in the simplest forms. The exhibition will explore a range of subject matters including the ocean, the desert, the night sky and spiders’ webs, taking visitors on a journey through this collection of meticulously exquisite works, each of which may have taken up to a year to complete.

The themes of the exhibition will be further explored through a series of events focusing on capturing moments through printmaking, drawing, photography and astronomy.

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