Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins, Isle of Wight

Opening Hours

Quay Arts


Vija Celmins is an acclaimed Latvian-American visual artist whose photo-realistic monochrome paintings and drawings depict natural environments and phenomena. A selection of her works from the ARTIST ROOMS collection will be displayed for the first time at Quay Arts.

This exhibition focuses on a large body of meticulously crafted prints exploring the surface of the ocean, the vastness of the night sky, the darkness of deep space and the intricacies of a spiders web. Often taking over a year for the artist to complete, they remind us of the complexity of the world around us.

This exhibition draws from the ARTIST ROOMS touring collection of over 1,600 works of modern and contemporary art. The collection is displayed across the UK in solo exhibitions that showcase the work of 42 major artists. The touring programme gives young people the chance to get involved in creative projects, discover more about art and learn new skills. Since 2009, nearly 50 million people have visited 185 displays at some 87 museums and galleries.

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