Sol LeWitt


Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh | 1 Dec 2011 to 4 Nov 2012


75 Belford Road
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Daily 10:00am - 5:00pm


Sol LeWitt’s spectacular 'Wall Drawing #1136' covered three walls in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, turning one gallery space into a captivating sea of bright colour.

Drawings such as these exist as a set of instructions written by the artist which are then carried out by a team at the gallery. By making the drawing themselves, these assistants become part of the creative process. As a result, each Wall Drawing is unique and specific to the gallery that in which it is made and exhibited. Not only this but, unlike most works of art, LeWitt’s pieces are made by painting directly on to the walls, and are painted over at the end of the set duration of the exhibition, meaning that they are defined by the time as well as the space in which they exist.

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