Richard Long


Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Cumbria | 21 Oct 2011 to 17 Dec 2011


United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 10:30am - 5:00pm


The riverside setting of Abbot Hall Art Gallery, part of the Lakeland Arts Trust in Cumbria, made a fitting backdrop to this exhibition of work by the hugely influential British artist Richard Long.

Since the late 1960s Long has made work in the landscape. His practice of making walks in the natural world led him to be one of the most prominent and pioneering artists of his generation, extending art beyond the boundaries of the gallery and into the natural world. The artist records his walks, and the discreet sculptures he makes in the landscape through photography, maps and text pieces that together explore the geometry of the environment. He has also used organic materials such as slate, flint or sticks to make floor-based sculptures and frequently integrates mud into drawings and wall-works. Richard Long first presented an exhibition at Abbot Hall in 1985. Twenty-six years later, this ARTIST ROOMS show offered visitors the opportunity to explore the artist’s practice across his extensive career.

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