Jeff Koons


The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton | 11 May 2013 to 8 Sep 2013


4/5 Pavilion Buildings
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, 10am to 5.15pm


This new exhibition was the first showing in England (outside Tate) of the exceptional group of works by Jeff Koons in the ARTIST ROOMS collection.

His art inspires the viewer to question distinctions between mass culture and high art, pornography and the classical nude, sentimental affections and sublime feeling. The exhibition included work ranging from early pieces incorporating everyday items such as vacuum cleaners and basketballs to his later works of colourful cast inflatables, and represents series such as 'The New', 'Equilibrium', 'Banality', 'Made in Heaven', 'Easyfun' and 'Popeye'.

In Brighton Koons’s work resonates with the city's reputation for extravagance and transgression.

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