Bill Viola, Kilmarnock

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Elmbank Avenue
United Kingdom


American video artist Bill Viola is arguably the most influential video artist at work today, having helped to establish the form as a viable medium for contemporary art. The slow and contemplative nature of the artist's work considers human experience from birth through to death. Deceptively simple in style and widely engaging, his works also reflect his interest in painting and photography. This exhibition at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock, the largest contemporary gallery space in Scotland south of Glasgow and Edinburgh, included two Viola works held in ARTIST ROOMS, Catherine’s Room 2001 and Four Hands 2001.

Four groundbreaking workshops were offered to schools and groups as part of the Bill Viola Exhibition Learning Programme. Three East Ayrshire schools - Grange Academy, Kilmarnock Academy and Park School - and Kilmarnock College worked with artists and the Cultural and Countryside Arts Development team to each create a challenging and unique piece of video art. These DVDs were then supplied to supporters of ARTIST ROOMS including Tate and National Galleries Scotland, before they were screened in front of an invited audience.

The screening was the first time the groups had seen their own work presented, and an informal award ceremony gave the groups the chance to meet. After the viewing they were each presented with a DVD copy of their work. Chris MacKenzie, Art Lecturer at Kilmarnock College, said: "Being part of the Bill Viola exhibition is a unique opportunity for the students of Kilmarnock College specialising in art. The learning workshops were a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the world's leading figure in contemporary video art. The education project was truly inspirational and a fantastic learning experience for the students."

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