Joseph Beuys


Timespan, Helmsdale | 6 Jun 2015 to 6 Sep 2015


Dunrobin St.
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Daily, 10am - 5pm


Timespan in the north of Scotland is hosting an exhibition of work by the influential German artist Joseph Beuys whose belief in the social, cultural, and political potential of art continues to resonate today.

The exhibition at Timespan brings together a selection of Beuys’ work using fat and felt, exploring the material and symbolic properties of these pieces – of warmth, insulation, and nourishment – and their relationship to the imposing narrative and mythology of the artist’s life and work.

A specially appointed artist-in-residence will work in the village in the run up to the exhibition, introducing Beuys and his work to Helmsdale’s community and visitors.

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