Diane Arbus, Kirkaldy Galleries

Opening Hours

Monday 12-7pm
Tuesday 9.30am-7pm
Wednesday 9.30am-5pm
Thursday 9.30am-7pm
Friday 9.30am-5pm
Saturday 9.30am-4pm
Sunday 12-4pm


War Memorial Gardens
United Kingdom


For its first ever ARTIST ROOMS exhibition, Kirkcaldy Galleries is thrilled to present the work of American photographer Diane Arbus. Famous for photographing individuals marginalized by society, Arbus refused to take pictures of her subjects in ways that people wanted to see them, challenging concepts of identity, beauty and normalcy. Her unapologetic approach to photography reveals the complexities of human nature and relationships, making the ordinary extraordinary and the misunderstood familiar.

The Galleries will explore how her work reflected the social, political and economic changes taking place throughout the United States from the 1950s-70s. Featuring twenty of her most seminal pieces, this exhibition and associated events will highlight how Arbus’ work and photographic technique challenges the viewer to see beyond the shocking to the complexities of each individual subject.

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