ARTIST ROOMS: Damien Hirst in Orkney

20 May 2015

A selection of Damien Hirst works held in ARTIST ROOMS on display at The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney.

The exhibition will provide an opportunity to view Hirst’s work alongside the Centre’s Collection of twentieth and twenty-first century modern art and in particular to highlight the connections between Hirst and Margaret Mellis – she was a close friend and mentor of Hirst’s during the development of his early career.

The Centre’s exhibitions and the Mellis works in the gallery’s collection will allow new readings of both artists’ work providing a challenging and rewarding experience for audiences in the far north of the UK.

A learning programme exploring the relationships between Hirst and Mellis’s work will be developed in collaboration with the Centre’s Piergroup (16-25 year olds) who have been involved in the two previous ARTIST ROOMS presentations at the Centre. 

The exhibition runs from 20 June to 12 September 2015. 

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