14 Jan 2016

We are delighted to announce the new ARTIST ROOMS touring programme, which will travel to over 30 UK venues.

Special thanks must go to Phyllida Barlow, the 40th artist to join the collection, who has so generously gifted untitled: upturnedhouse, 2 (2012), now on display at Level 4, Tate Modern.

This summer, Louise Bourgeois will be the first artist to be displayed in Tate's new permanent gallery dedicated to ARTIST ROOMS. Curated by Frances Morris, Ann Coxon and Jerry Gorovoy, it will be the first in a permanent programme of exhibitions from the ARTIST ROOMS, creating a London hub for the collection.

This summer will also see the first showing of an extraordinary group of more than 110 drawings by the German artist Joseph Beuys from the ARTIST ROOMS collection. The exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, as part of the Edinburgh Festival, will cover the whole of the artist's career from 1945 to the end of his life.

Since the project began in 2009, ARTIST ROOMS have been shown in 76 museums and galleries nationwide and 143 exhibitions have opened across the UK. These have been seen by nearly 40 million people to date.

We are deeply grateful to Arts Council England, The Art Fund and Creative Scotland for their ongoing, generous support of ARTIST ROOMS on Tour for a further three years.